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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I only schedule 1 post per week?

This policy has been in place since well before I started charging for the service; it's mostly an attempt to keep traffic sustainable. Reddit imposes rate limits on API usage, and if this got too popular it could become difficult to support, especially since there would be a ton of competition for the most popular times.

If you have a really good reason that you need more posts but can't afford $8 or $20 per month, feel free to send me a PM on reddit to plead your case.

Why did my submission fail to post?

The most common reasons this happens are:

Failing any of those, it could be that something failed on our end. Let us know about it so we can fix it!

How does the Analysis page work?

The magic API gremlins find all the posts during the current month (because that's how it works), pick the top 1000 sorted by upvotes, and assemble some pretty charts for you.

What time zone is used?

Your local timezone (as reported by your browser) is used for all time inputs and outputs, including the analysis graph.